Fujitsu Perform Live Demonstration Of IOTA At World’s Leading Trade Show For Industrial Technology

Japan’s leading Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Fujitsu have been working with IOTA for several months now.

Recently though, Fujitsu demonstrated to the world how they’re using IOTA’s tangle to give them a competitive edge in the race toward a connected future.

Exhibiting at the world’s leading trade show for industry technology, the Hannover Messe in Germany this week, a show with over 5000 exhibitors from 75 countries, Fujitsu put on an impressive demonstration in front of a crowd of hundreds of press and media representatives.

Fujitsu aren’t the first large company to partner with IOTA, nor are they first to publicly speak about the technology. The CDO of Volkswagen recently spoke at an event about how they’re also utilising IOTA for various projects.

IOTA Fujitsu partnership

IOTA has seemingly endless applications, from it’s fee less transactions, to it’s machine communication and learning capabilities through the tangle, it’s no surprise Fujistu and other large companies are utilising the technology to improve the efficiency of their businesses.

The implications of the technology and the end goal for these companies is to create machines to replace human beings. Whether that’s good or bad may be a topic up for debate, but it’s happening regardless and IOTA seems to be fulfilling their promise of being the global IOT standard.

The main benefits of IOTA highlighted by Fujitsu were:

  • No transaction costs
  • Almost no transaction time
  • Extreme scalability

IOTA Demonstration

Fujistsu demonstrated IOTA using a miniature scaled down production line set up at their booth at the event, with robots moving components back and forth.

During the production of very high value products, the process that goes into manufacturing them is vitally important. Consistency is crucial, and when products are being manufactured in sites all around the world, it’s vital things are done exactly the same every step of the way.

Fujitsu aim to use the IOTA tangle to store measurable data being fed back from these robots. The data will be stored on the tangle and then accessed anywhere in the world almost instantly, all completely automated.

During an introduction to the main live demo, Program Manager of Industry 4.0 at Fujitsu, Leopold Sternberg made it clear just how closely the company and others are working with IOTA.

“IOTA is the next generation distributed ledger which has been developed together with the industry.” He says

Watch the intro Video below which is in English:

The main video of the demonstration by Dr Rolf Werner is here but is in German. An English translation can be found on Reddit here.



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